21 Nov 2012 Bringing Science to Arts Research
The Yale Collection Study Center links the treasures of Yale’s collections to advanced digital technology and new practices in conservation.
6 Sep 2012 YDC2 Imaging Lab Construction Begins
The University is converting the former pharmaceutical manufacturing plant and warehouse into a state-of-the-art collections study facility.
4 Sep 2012 Gary Brudvig to Head Energy Sciences Institute
Yale's Gary Brudvig has been named acting director of the new Energy Sciences Institute, an interdisciplinary research initiative dedicated to renewable energy and sequestration (long-term storage) of carbon dioxide.
3 May 2012 Yale School of Nursing moving to University’s West Campus
Yale School of Nursing (YSN) will move next year from New Haven to the University’s West Campus in Orange and West Haven. The relocation of the school and its 450 students, staff, and faculty is expected to begin in the summer of 2013 and be completed in time for the school’s 90th anniversary in the fall.
20 Feb 2012 Yale Center for Molecular Discovery consolidates West Campus cores
One-stop Shopping for Drug Researchers. The merger of the Center for High Throughput Cell Biology and the Small Molecule Discovery Center shortens the distance from basic science to treatment of disease.
6 Dec 2011 $11 million Grant Makes Yale a National Center for Study of Rare Diseases
Yale University will be home to one of three national centers created to study the genetics of rare inherited diseases, thanks to a $48 million grant from the National Institutes of Health, federal officials announced Dec. 6.
7 Jun 2011 Collections Go Digital
Yale boasts the world’s seventh largest library system, with over 10 million volumes in 21 libraries, and its gallery and museum collections stand among the nation’s finest. Now, plans for a core facility to digitize these holdings promise to revolutionize their use in the lab and classroom.
9 May 2011 Scott Strobel, Vice President for West Campus Planning and Program Development
presents the latest edition of West Campus Reports.
13 Jan 2011 Yale launches new Nanobiology Institute on West Campus
Yale’s new Nanobiology Institute will leverage the expertise of biologists, engineers, and other researchers to explore how living and material systems operate at the nanoscale.
1 Jan 2011 West Campus Opens New Vistas for the Life Sciences
In 2007, Yale purchased the 136-acre Bayer Healthcare campus. With 434,000 square feet of prime laboratory space, the complex is a golden opportunity to expand Yale’s research programs. Now the University is launching a series of interconnected institutes to make tomorrow’s breakthrough discoveries.
13 Dec 2010 Schlessinger to Unite Basic and Translational Research
Yale Cancer Center has named Joseph Schlessinger, a leader in the field of signal transduction, as the founding director of the Cancer Biology Institute at West Campus.
7 Dec 2010 Yale’s Strobel to Oversee Next Phase of West Campus Growth
Yale President Richard C. Levin Tuesday named biochemist and innovative educator Scott Strobel as vice-president of West Campus Planning and Program Development, to oversee the second phase of growth at Yale’s 136-acre facility in West Haven.
1 Jul 2010 Laying the Foundations of a New Science Institute
Alanna Schepartz leads an effort to recruit top scientists to the new Yale Chemical Biology Institute, which will foster innovation across science disciplines.
3 Jun 2010 Yale Scientist Recieves 2010 Kavli Prize in Neuroscience
James Rothman, founder of the Yale Center for High Throughput Cell Biology at West Campus, studies the molecular basis for the release of neurotransmitters.
29 Apr 2010 West Campus as a Transformative Space
Michael Donoghue, vice president for West Campus planning and program development, sees West Campus as a rare opportunity to start from scratch and activate cooperation at the intersection of disciplines.
14 Apr 2010 Research Teams Move on to West Campus
Michael Donoghue, vice president for West Campus planning and program development, introduces the directors of Yale’s instrumentation cores, now open for business.
1 Dec 2009 School of Medicine Awarded $98 Million
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act brings vital research dollars to Yale’s biomedical science programs.
19 Oct 2009 A Taste of Personalized Medicine
A break-through clinical application of gene sequencing tools to diagnose a Turkish infant offers a preview of the work to unfold at the Yale Center for Genome Analysis.
28 Sep 2009 Evolution Experts to Launch Microbial Diversity Institute
Two renowned experts on evolution, Nancy A. Moran and Howard Ochman, have been hired to anchor the new Microbial Diversity Institute at Yale’s West Campus.